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Some People Overpay the Government...But Certainly Not our clients!
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Some People Overpay the Government ...But Certainly Not Our Clients!

Helping Small and Emerging Businesses become more profitable!

Setting Up Your Business

A Limited Liability Company is usually the best form of new business entity. The following information details some of the steps needed in establishing different businesses.

pet sitting, dog walking and pet related businessesTax Issues for Selecting a Business Entity

pet sitting, dog walking and pet related businessesPet Sitting and Pet Related Business

setting up business in USThe United States is a good place to set-up Business

According to a recently published World Bank report, taxes and reform are two of the biggest issues that affect entrepreneurial activity worldwide. Lower tax rates, simpler systems, and fewer regulations invite development . So where does the United States rank in terms of the taxes that a medium-sized company must pay or withhold annually? Seventy-sixth out of 178 countries surveyed in the fifth annual Doing Business report.

Despite the taxation score, the report puts the U.S. at Number 3 in terms of the overall ease of doing business.

Ronald J. Cappuccio, J.D., LL.M.(Tax)
, a LLC Lawyer and Business and Tax Attorney.  We can help you start a Limited Liability Company ( LLC ) which can be the best form of business organization, as well as establish Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Partnerships and Non-Profit organizations. We also can represent you in Buying and Selling a business. helping emphasizing Personal and Business IRS Tax Negotiation,
Offers In Compromise, and Installment Agreements. Zealous representation in Tax Audits, Delinquent Tax, and Tax Collections Issues. Experience fighting Employee and Independent Contractor issues, Payroll Taxes, Tax Liens,and Tax and Labor Audits. Successfully handle Wage Levy Release, Bank Levies and Seizures.  NJ Tax Court, US Tax and US Court of Federal Claims representation. 
We also can represent you in Buying and Selling a business.